Kodak Z990 First Test

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Re: LR 3.4 opens the raw files

Actually Panasonic is doing the chromatic aberration correction inside the camera - evidently even on raw files. This makes it look like there is no CA, but, of course, they haven't discovered some magical glass that doesn't disperse the colors.

That is not a bad way of doing things; it removes from sight a problem that the designers of the camera/lens know exists. It also allows them to use a lens design which is more set on curing other lens faults - since the designers don't have to correct for chromatic aberration at all.

That in camera CA correction works best on cameras with built in lenses - much harder to do on a camera with interchangeable lenses.

My only objection to Panasonic cameras is their use of proprietary Lithium Ion batteries. Unlike most people I won't buy a camera that doesn't use AA batteries. You will note that every flash on the market uses AA batteries. Why? Because people caught on to the scam of proprietary batteries in the flash market quickly when they were forced to throw away perfectly good flashes because the proprietary batteries went bad and were no longer available. Most people today haven't caught on to the battery scam and eat up cameras with proprietary batteries. Who knows, maybe the manufacturers have got a new breed of suckers; perhaps they can sell them some flashes with Lithium Ion batteries now. By the way, I have an early digital camera with a proprietary battery sitting on my bookshelf - the battery is dead and no longer available; the camera makes a nice $1000 paperweight.

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