A wet K5 - Wether Resistance failure...

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Re: A wet K5 - Wether Resistance failure...

The Pentax dSLR bodies are not rated but are designed starting with the K10D to withstand any weather the user would see

To add credibility to my statement I will post the source (a good read).

OK1000 Pentax Blog K10D Interview with development engineers of Pentax Japan.htm

Also its hard to define splash. Notice in IP ratings they set the conditions to be called splash proof.

"Test duration: 5 minutes

Water volume: 10 litres per minute - Pressure: 80–100 kN/m²"

But Pentax claims becuase they can not control the lens used they can not set or test for a standard - fair enough.

"ASCII 24: What’s the degree of weather proofing?"

"Pentax Team: In an SLR, it is rather difficult to apply the JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) classification because lenses have to be changed. We set our own in-house standard for weather/dust proofing, anticipating actual environments users might encounter, and exceeded those standards.

In the case of an SLR, the body is made of so many parts and cannot avoid complicated seams. All seams had to be sealed, then the weather proofing of moving control parts has to be evaluated beginning from the selection of material. For waterproofing, because just one missing or loose sealing will allow water or dust entering into body, we had be extremely careful. It is ultimately a choice of either “doing” it or “not doing” it altogether, and there is no in-between. In order to obtain perfect weather/dust proofing, every detail had to be plugged, taking a lot of time and cost. However, we believe we plugged all seams."

In the end Pentax proved right not to rate the camera as the rating would be different depending on which Pentax lens was used WR or DA*.

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