Couple Not Happy with Engagement Shoot

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Age old dilemma

Well, that ring with me, had been in similar situation before. And the big Question or rather Questions hanging are

  • Is it our work or their work

  • Is it their wedding instead of ours

I can understand why couples want their wedding wedding their way, Its after all their wedding, and their memory to keep. On the other hand its our own work and our reputation on the table.

There will never be a good enough answer. One can only work with the couple and made do with a compromise, or a working partnership, aiming to find the common ground. There will be time we must stand our ground. There though is time when its OK to do thing what the couple might want so long it does not ruin things.

Ultimately its communication and working out a set of Works. Well , let us count ourself lucky though. There are a lot of service sector that are facing similar and tougher ones

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