starting from scratch, what lens combination would you go for?

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Re: starting from scratch, what lens combination would you go for?

Gus Smedstad wrote:

Phosgraphe wrote:

Hi, Reprobate. I reread everything you wrote again. Basically you want

  1. UWA

  2. 300

  3. IS

  4. Flash

without breaking the bank.

That's how I read it as well, except that by "UWA" he actually means 18mm on a crop body. The problem is that you jump from that to lots of expensive options and specialized lenses, like short-to-medium length primes.

From that same requirements list, I would have suggested:

1100D kit with 18-55 IS kit lens: $600.
EF-S 55-250 IS: $260.
430 EX Speedlight: $290.
Total: $1,150.

Is this the best possible crop setup? Of course not. He doesn't need super-high quality L-glass. He doesn't need primes, period. There's nothing wrong with consumer-grade zooms if you're just graduating from point-and-shoots, and don't know where you'll want more capability yet.

The cheap kit lenses have come a long, long way. Not only do they offer IS, they offer image quality that is indistinguishable at monitor resolutions from those $1000+ professional lenses. They won't be as sharp if you pixel peep or do 8 x 10 prints, but they're not bad , and they're an excellent place to start.

Hi. He clarifies in one of the post saying that UWA really mean UWA and 18-55 is another lens he would consider.

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