Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

Started Apr 19, 2011 | Discussions thread
ikari2002 New Member • Posts: 7
Re: With Sony 50/1.4

Hi all, i can also confirm that holding the shutter button down on an Nex 5 during video mode locks the exposure (which means the exposure won't wander when moving the camera around, perfect for a more professional look). If you lock to a bright area as suggested it certainly brings the gain down to 3db which is essentially shooting at 200 ISO, noise free, and has a similar look to the video out of a Canon 7D. Do note that you need either a fairly well lit room, or studio lights, or a partly cloudy day to avoid lots of over / under exposed areas.

Very impressed with this little trick, especially when using my Minolta 50mm 1.4 Rokkor with a Rainbow Imaging adapter.

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