The most quiet camera for classic music recitals

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Re: The most quiet camera for classic music recitals

cernobila wrote:

I just came across a problem when I had to photograph at a classic piano recital in a very quiet large room. The mirror in my camera (E-620) could be heard across the room so I had to stop taking pictures. I need a very quiet camera which will take a range of my 4/3rds and/or m4/3rds lenses. What would you suggest, which is the quietest?......btw, it needs to be able to take an OVF or EVF for focusing with tele lenses.

Have you tried the Canon 5D II? It has a silent mode which use an electronic 1st curtain and then mehcanical 2nd curtain so it is very silent. The down side is that it don't AF (or very slowly using CDAF) without making noise (to flip the mirror back for PDAF). But since it is a concert, MF shouldn't be a problem. Buy a Nikon 50/1.2 or 55/1.2 MF lens and an adapter for cheap yet fast and great IQ for low light.

If that's too expensive, you might need to buy a compact camera since they have more silent shutter. The Olympus XZ1 should be good since it has a fast zoom. Though it would definitely be noisier than the 5DII.

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