Upgrade from K-X to K-7-a few questions

Started May 2, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Upgrade from K-X to K-7-a few questions

Unless you are unhappy with your Kx I can't really see the point to be honest. As others have said you'd be getting a better body / functionality but losing the high ISO performance. Whether that is worth it depends on what you shoot. If you use high ISO regularly and don't go out in the rain, I'd stick with the Kx for now and live with its imperfections until the K5 drops in price nearer the end of its product cycle. If you shoot mostly at ISO 800 or below and things like better ergonomics and weathersealing are important to you, it's worth the switch, especially if you can get a good deal. Heads or tails?

(Edit: it's worth remembering, before worrying too much about comparing small differences in performance between one current camera and another, that the Kx and K7 are both streets ahead of what professionals used with until a few years ago...)

Best wishes

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