FS100 for $4,999 May

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Re: B&H shows it as $4,999 too now

Jogger wrote:

Myari wrote:

KEITH-C wrote:

In times defined by a damaged economy this Video camera is only going to have a limited appeal to Pros's & well heeled amateurs.

Sony have had the misfortune to have released several new models just as the market has flat-lined. In the UK , at least , this model will be conspicuous by its absence from most outlets.

Want to bet? The only direct competitor to this cam is Pana AF100 and DSLRs/Hybrids. There is nothing cheaper than it with a large sensor (except Sony's own VG10 that is a consumer model). This camera will be very popular among pros (not consumers) who have a low budget (weddings, commercials, music videos, etc).

For sure. If the cost of the camera is worrying you, then this isnt the camera for you. The cost of a good set of primes/fast zooms will be much more than 5k itself. Add in good microphones, memory, maybe an external HDMI recorder, rails, follow focus, matte box, ND filters, lighting, etc, etc.. and the cost of the actual camera is minimal for the working professional making money off it.

See the video forums. There are many "pros" who want F3 ($13,000) but say it's outside their budget. They will however pick $5000 FS100 instead.

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