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Re: samples are not the same SIZE!

antoineb wrote:

In comparing these shots, you make the same mistake that DPreview make: instead of taking an area of the same size in the physical world, you take an area of the same pixel size.

If you continue this logical error, then by the time cameras will have say 100mp you'll be comparing the point of a crayon with the whole set of crayons on your 6500, and complaining. Whereas if you did compare the same physical size, you'd see the progress.

But again - this is a logical error, and the fact that DPReview continue to make it and apparently not understand how bad it is, doesn't prevent it from being a big error.

Yes, but that's the OP's point: the new more MP cameras in order to be the same "quality" as his S6500 need to be resized down to 6MP (pixel) size to regain the same sharpens. We all know that would happen and the final result would be slightly better than S6500 originals - but the question still remains: the new crop of superzooms, did it really gain quality or just numbers?

He did the right thing comparing pixels on the same level (and the same captured area of the scene is proportionally larger to match the pizel count, so no cheating here). One would, as the OP, expect to see significantly more details related to high MP count - whic is not the case - instead we go in deliberation if it was the camera shake or optical flaw.

Either way, very little advantage having +2x more pixels creamed on such a small sensor. As in "old days" people wanted to see compact/superzoom with improved low light abilities. F31/S6500 was the best chip at time - instead of improvement in sensitivity it got more MP and any advantage in chip technology was lost (this in light of the latest generation of DX format sensors, which gained a lot in high ISO area even with moderate pixel count increase).

High ISO capability of new superzoom range has the same level of noise as years ago - BUT the noise reduction went way up. The fact is - the numbers on the sales brochure look very impressive (photos less so).

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