Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

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Re: With Sony 50/1.4

macca1978 wrote:

Are the differences in video quality that noticeable to warrant going through this process every time?

For one you have to hold the shutter down which locks Exposure and takes up one hand, the other hand then has to control both focus, zoom and aperture if on manual lens as well as the lighting using an ND Filter...

This does sound painful. How critical is it to lock exposure, etc? I mean, if you get it in the ballpark and let the shutter/iso float a bit, is it that critical? (Perhaps if you're doing pro work, I can imagine you want to be more precise, but for those of us taking home movies, I think just getting "close" might be enough. I'd like a workflow for the "rest of us". )

I have tried this myself yesterday on an 18200 lens without a ND filter and on dvmp pro i am getting the 1/48 with 3 gain but cannot notice much difference in video quality? Also without the filter you are left with over or underexposure when filming different areas outside of the locked area you original exposed with!?!

I think that the main difference is that in using a slower shutter, you get a bit more blur in each frame, for a more film-like look, and less staccato-look. But if you slow things down too far, it has to increase the gain (ISO) and that will add noise. So, they're trying to nail the optimum. I'm less concerned about getting things perfect and will probably be happy enough with "better".

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