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Humm...ok the D7000 really isn't that expensive.

I mean its at the top of the consumers list of cameras, and it is a lot for the money, but with the flagship going for $8,000.00 (D3X) and many models between, the price is pretty reasonable. And for what you get....it's a downright steal.

Bundle that with the idea that anyone wanting to explore the craft of photography will want a little more advanced camera to play with certain features. An inexpensive camera with some pretty professional features = a great starter camera for someone interested in learning the craft.

I understand. I truly do. Financial limitations can be quite a drag when you want something and you see people with the financial means purchasing gear you wish you could have/afford.

I feel the same way sometimes when I see some of that yummy Medium Format gear. And knowing at least right now.....$40,000 is not an option.


“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
~ Ernst Haas

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