From dslr to E-PL2 - disappointed ?

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Re: agree with you

Well, you DID respond to my post initially.

E-Pl1 is selling for, what, $400 now? You simply cannot match the image quality with a DSLR and kit lens at twice the price. I've shot events against photogs with full-frame cameras high-end lenses and for the vast majority, I'll put my photos against theirs any day of the week. DLSR users regularly ask me how I get the image quality I do.

On my Olympus, IBIS works great, Focus is accurate, resolution and sharpness is superior.

But, by all means, stick with your bulky expensive dinosaur!


art1sta wrote:

My post was in response to ezra

But I will comment yours!

yes focal length etc was different but it does not excuse the camera...
You buy a EPL2 for (in my case) 640 euros with kit lens
Dreadful IBIS
Slowish focusing and difficult to know if it focused correctly and on target
Sluggish camera
Below average video

You buy a currant DSLR for +- the same price you get the exact opposite, better choice of lens and in general nicer image quality. The only advantage it has over a DSLR is size but put a long lens on your EP system and there is no advantage.

If you want your EPxx to work as it should you need a Panasonic OIS lens and an EVF so add another 700 euros to the bill totaling something like 1300 euros. If you need that sort of money to correct a flawed camera then you might as well go for something else.

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