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Humphrey Nash wrote:

Beshannon, you have a point. There is nothing "magical" about the Fuji 6500/31/30 sensor, although its highly regarded (at least in Fuji circles). It does seem to provide slightly better color and noise but as you correctly point out the difference are exaggerated at 100%. The Fuji may apply more in-camera sharpening giving it an apparent advantage.
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The following comments, cherry-picked from DPR's review, reflect what I'm driving at. Why can't this excellent sensor be extended to perhaps 8 megapixels in an updated camera with image stabilization, better electronic views, better video, DR adjustments, etc.?

It seems that you've completely missed two of Fuji's larger bridge cameras. The S100fs has an 11mp sensor and those 11 million pixels provide far more detail than other P&S cameras that have anywhere from 10mp to 16mp sensors because it's a relatively large 2/3" sensor. The S200EXR has a 12mp sensor, but due to the EXR design and the slightly smaller sensor size, it doesn't have the resolution of the S100fs. But in its half resolution EXR mode, it produces as much detail as the S6500 and gains the S200EXR's extremely wide dynamic range. Both of these models BTW, are stabilized, unlike the S6500. They both also shoot RAW, and wonder of wonders, as of a couple of days ago Adobe's ACR finally added support for the EXR models. They also use SD/SDHC cards so they aren't limited to use only small, slow xD cards. The S100fs has an articulating LCD display and both the S100 and S200 have flash hot shoes and lenses with slightly wider zoom ranges, 28-400mm for the S100 vs 28-300 for the S6500.

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