Actual LX5 vs LX3 ISO 1600 comparison. I prefer LX3 result.

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Color tinting

I know this is an old thread but regarding the color tinting (LX3 pink, LX5 blue), let's remind ourself of that classic expression about what photography is:

"Painting with light".

Look at that sunset. All around, including reflected in the boat's window.

It's a red sunset people!

Red, pink, something decidely OTHER than blue.

One thing I've noticed about my LX3 is that it does tend to over-saturate reds sometimes. To me, these 2 pics show that the LX5 is trying to artificially compensate by over-doing the blue. There is no way, no how, that this white boat, lit from all sides by a red-pink sunset, would have a distinctly BLUE tinge to it.

It's cold, artificial and doesn't have that 'beautyfullness' as someone described the adorable images we've come to love from the LX3. It does however look to me that it's effectively the same sensor, jazzed up a bit, including some form of red-filter or blue boosting, which has RUINED this pink sunset pic, by tinting the thing BLUE!


On top of which, though also old news perhaps, Panasonic have opted to call their new girly (available in pink) compact point and shoot handbag camera for the unwashed feminine masses the "GF2"

GF what?

Now if they'd called it the GFBarbie I wouldn't mind, but effectively they've insulted my camera by positioning the Barbiecam as being the "2" of my "1".

In the process they removed the depth of field preview, exposure and focus lock, and turned the thing into a huge, bulky iPhone that doesn't even have GPS or make phone calls? Rather like the iPad then, but worse, much worse...

And just how many apps does the Panasonic App Store have? That's right, none!

Panasonic have gone from delighting me with cameras that 'get it' to trying to compete with my smartphone.

Correction, my wife's smartphone.


I have the LX3 for my pocket, I have the GF1 for more serious stuff. If I were to return to a full-size SLR I was thinking of making it a Panasonic hat-trick, maybe even a Panny slim thing for the wife - but no.

I'm going back to Canon.

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