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Re: Not overselling this lens

SaltLakeGuy wrote:

I'd have to say it is very much equal to most primes, and is THE zoom lens to own if you have a A55 or something like a 580 as well. I simply is the best overall performance one can hope to achieve. Now this of course depends entirely if you get a good copy. My first try at this lens rendered a lens where the left side was not equal to the rest of the lens in sharpness. I returned for another and the 2nd one is sharp even wide open across the frame. Instant and accurate to focus as well. Mine is a very tight build with no lens creep and solid as a rock. I know of NO other lens that can approach it's level of contrast, sharpness, color rendition and low CA. NO way can a Tamron do this as I've tried several. Sigma is a wild card with many a bad copy and poor corner performance. This truly IS the lens to have

well you should know then that the tamron got the higher score marks on the marks in her focal length

i mean the 17-50mm 2.8 vs the 16-80mm..

in some areas by more than 200 points of MTF ..( they were both tested on the A700 so their scoring is comparable.) ..

that being said i would own right not the 16-80mm if i would not so hesitate to buy a lens i cant trust to survive more than 3 years with out sending it to a fix

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