Few questions on NeX 3, can some one talk me out of buying it :)

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Re: NEX vs E-PL1

Akira Dono wrote:

The more I think about it, the more confused I get. Since I will not be buying new lenses or EVF, that is not really a consideration for me.

Basically it has boiled down to this: Since most of my shooting will be indoors and under low light conditions, I lean toward the NEX. Plus the larger sensor helps create better background defocus effects. But then I look at the JPEG results of E-PL1 and the low noise suppression which make me go for it, In fact when I looked at the image comparison widget on dpreview, (the one in the studio setting), Oly's colors look better and more sharp even at higher ISO's, but a lot of reviews say that the images are not usable above ISO 800. I wonder why .... Arrghh !! Choices, choices ....

Hi there Akira!

I was in the same dilema 6 months ago with you.
First of all:

The dpreview shots of the EPL1 were taken with a 50mm MACRO lens and NOT the Oly kit lens. That makes a HUGE difference in resolution and that's why the Oly shots show more detail in some parts.
If you look at Oly kit lens samples things are quite different.

Secondly: The Oly EPL-1 kit lens is really problematic. It doesn't have an internal focus mechanism, it takes LONG to focus, it has documented shutter vibration issues between 1/250 and 1/100 s shutter speeds and it is totally useless for video (makes a loud audible noise all the time while it is refocusing).

Third: EPL-1 is unable to focus in very dimly lit rooms. If you ever plan to shoot a party or a very dark scenery prepare to be frustrated.

Fourth: Do not underestimate the high dynamic range of the NEX. It makes a big difference in real life shots, especially high contrast landscapes.

If I were in your position I would only consider EPL-2 which solves all the kit lens issues (it has an updated version of the kit lens) but you still get the same old sensor.

Finally, concerning jpeg rendering you can tweak NEX to your liking (I use a vivid color setting that produces some very vibrant and sharp jpegs).

Here's some test shots I was digging out the interenet during my research:
EPL-1 ISO 3200 - kit lens

NEX ISO 3200 kit lens

Dynamic range difference (look at the scooter details)

Hope it clarified some things

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