Film, I can't leave it alone

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Re: Film, I can't leave it alone

I've been away shooting baseball for a week and haven't had access to the net but I can tell you I have no insecurities about film photographers.

I spoke of their 'exclusive club', as you put it, in the past tense. It referred to their ability to master film and charge exorbitant amounts for additional wedding prints, for example, not their ability to take great photos.

Again, I have no issues with guys still shooting film because they enjoy it but in my corner of work (sports photography) the overall benefits of digital over film far outweigh any perceived advantages film has in IQ.

Sure for some the final product still counts and film may tickle their fancy but those numbers will continue to diminish as time goes by. When it comes to sport in particular I'm happy to back digital over film any time to achieve high quality results. And eventually digital will improve to the point where it will probably match if not surpass film IQ in landscape/portrait/skin tone work.

Film will eventually become a distant memory to most - that's pretty much inevitable irrespective of whether we think it's good or bad.


chopsteeks wrote:

Zooming is voicing his insecurities against photographers who have mastered the art of creating images via the film medium. It is not the other way around. There is no such thing as 'an exclusive club' for film photographers only. That barrier was not created by them, it was created by you.

Digital has created another medium to create images.

But for some, the final product is what counts.

In the eyes of some, film still has qualities that is important to them that digital does not offer.

I still believe that I sell products that I believe is my best work. As opposed to just saying ----- most of them can't tell the difference. I still take pride that when I sell somebody my work----they are getting what I perceived is the best.

zoooming wrote:

The average person or customer today couldn't tell the difference between film or digital prints nor the " depth of colour and a more gradual move from tone to tone". Some don't even know what 'skin tones' even mean.

It's all very well to reminisce about film but I don't miss it one bit. Digital is far more practical and has opened up what I believe was a "closed shop" mentality portrayed by some photographers who had it all to themselves - they could charge what they wanted.

They resent the digital era because those barriers have been broken down and they find they are now competing against a new breed of shooters who continually embrace new technology.

Some have taken up the challenge, go forward and continue to succeed. Others languish and seem to bear a grudge. Call it change, call it progress - but it is the way forward and I've got no complaints.


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