What I want in my new camera

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What I want in my new camera

All my buddies have these trendy new digital cameras and I feel left insecure and left out whenever they talk about their cameras, so I'm going to buy a brand new digital camera that I can show off to them so I can be king of the hill. Here are the things I am looking for in my ideal camera:

I want a camera made by a really big name. The biggest name there is in the camera industry. I hear my buddies talk about Canon and Nikon mostly, but I don't know which is better or if they are the biggest brands. Either way, I need the absolute biggest, most recognizable name brand there is.

I want a big, badass camera that both looks and feels like a real man's camera. Not one of those tiny pocket cameras like the wife has. The boys would never let me hear the end of it if I showed up with one of those things. The camera needs to be made of a strong material and weather sealed, so that when I go on a safari one day with the wife, I'll be spared the indignity of having my camera break in the middle of the trip while hers still works.

I want a camera with tons of features, bells, whistles, gimmicks, etc, that I can list out to them when I'm talking about how great my camera is compared to theirs. I need stuff like HDR, Sweep panorama, different scene modes and presets, basically the camera with the most extra features there is.

I want a camera with awesome specs. I'm talking huge megapixels, huge ISO boost, the most FPS, etc. Again, stuff I can spout out when we're comparing cameras so that I can both sound like I know what I'm talking about and also sound like I have the best camera, which of course I will have.

The camera also must shoot movies at high speeds. I heard one of my buddies say something about 30 FPS at 1080p. I don't know what 1080p means but it sounds like something I want.

Most important of all though, I want a camera that will make me a master photographer. How cool would it be to make money snapping photos instead of dragging my ass to the office every day? I want a camera that will fuel my dreams and give me hope that I can become the next Peter Lick. At least I think that's how you spell his name, I don't really know because I just heard about him from a buddy. But he's supposed to be good.

The other most important thing is that it has to be a brand new camera and the newest model. I don't care what the price is, I'll just put it on the credit card.

Thanks guys.

Oh I guess I'll need a lens too. Any old big zoom lens will do, I just care about the camera.

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