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Historically speaking

everyone remembers S9500, the more MP brother (or sister) to S6500. It is the perfect example how simple things can get wrong: both cameras were using the same lens (BTW designed by Tamron if DPR was on the spot), the same size sCCD but those extra 3MP offered by S9500 (which I still have and use for windy and sandy beaches). The 6500 performed where 9500 failed - the conclusion was that the lens was no match to pixel density of the sCCD behind. The photos always looked mushy and no PP could pull more details out of it. RAW was too sluggish to be usable but even with all time on the earth, rarely delivered more than superfine JPG (a smidge on ISO80).

As the pixel denisty goes up, so the demand to design "real" superzoom going 20X plus, from wider to longer than ever.

What you are seing (and challenging) is the limitations one over the other - Panasonic (as by tradition) had the best optics with weaker chip behind, making it possible for them to migrate to a higher MP count as the chip technology moved on. Still, there are limits and it looks all players have past it. But MP race is still on (and so the zoom range). It appeals to consumers wanting big numbers - and once downsized to 4x6 postcard (or 2MP screen resolution) it all looks good. But up there, at the full resolution looked at 1:1, it's all soft and mushy.

SO if you really need 30X zoom starting at 24mm (EQ) with 14MP CMOS behind with all the bells and whistles behind (OS/ADL/panorama sweep/HD video with stereo sound) - just dont past 35% zoom on the screen and very likely you will be just fine. (OK, you may be wanting to apply some USM...)

For anything else, DX at least.


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