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Re: New info on PMA camera release - my source

Lets re-phrase this - both G3 and D40 are 4MPixel, which means that all the design work, new image processor IC and feature set can be migrated to a new body with relative design ease.

Peter G wrote:
A 18mm x 12mm sensor is still huge compared to the G3 sensor. But
yes I agee Canon has a hole in the line up between the D60 and the
G3. If and when they fill it is anyones guess. They could do
something like the D40 mentioned here, but that doesn't mean they


rbishop wrote:
If I were a betting type, I'd wager the D40 would be the
proposed big brother of the G3. Sensor size is about the same as
described here, and there would be a real amateur market for those
who want more lens choice but are otherwise happy with the G3
feature set. I believe that's a very large audience.

Canon is missing a product to directly compete with the CP5700 and
E20, and for those who already have a good Canon hobby kit, this
would be a dream product. For new hobbists, it would allow cross
selling of both film SLR as well as DSLR

Peter G wrote:
Well my source is revealed: His name is "Allan the magic goose".

Who emerged when I got really tired of explaining all the logic
holes in the rumours thus far. People should at least make up more
realistic rumours. It should have been obvious after I spent 20
previous messages in the thread explaining that there was a lot of
wishfull thinking in the "rumours".

I apologize to those late to the thread that took my seriously.

A quick examination of these "rumours":

Plastic body, reduced feature set.
Eff Pixels: 2496 x 1664 (4MP)
Eff Area: 17.8mm x 11.9mm ( 2.0 FOV crop )
Price: $1499

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