DIY inkjet printing: color management problems!

Started May 1, 2011 | Discussions thread
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DIY inkjet printing: color management problems!

Hello everyone,

I needed a printer, and I was also curious about photo printing at home. So, about 1 year go, I got an EPSON P50,A4, 6 colours inkjet printer.

I always shoot RAW with my camera, and then, after some processing, I save the result as a JPEG (100% quality and resized as the print I'd like to get, normally an A4) with AdobeRGB colour space.

Then, using Lightroom, I send the file to the printer. This is, in brief, what I get:

-Case 1: Lightroom does the colour management (i.e. all the printer c.m. options are switched OFF) and I choose AdobeRGB from the Lightroom printing menu. Result: colours are a bit dull, less saturation and a bit less contrast, and I got different colour hues (for example the blue sky are more cyan and a bit violet). Maybe it looks more realistic, but it's not what I see on screen (which is calibrated) and it's not very "punchy".

Case 2: the printer does the colour management, with the default Epson settings. Result: what I get on paper is almost what I see on screen.

Case 3: Lightroom does the colour management, but with sRGB space selected, instead. Result: what I get on paper is almost what I see on screen, with no differences from case 2.

So, anyone can please tell me what's happening?

Ah, another thing...I wanted to use other papers (I've always used EPSON photo paper). So I loaded the profiles for other papers (ilford, in this case) but, at least in the print preview, if lightroom does the management with the ilford profile everything is terribly off (purplish and desaturated).

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