Camera Bag for EPL1 and growing collection of glass

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Re: Camera Bag for EPL1 and growing collection of glass

453C wrote:

You're right about multiple bags for different uses. I bumped against some shortcomings of my Rezo TLZ 10 recently and I'm probably going to give an M-ROCK Yellowstone a try. It's spec'd well and is also quite a bit cheaper than similar options:

It's just big enough for my E-PL1, 45-200, + VF-2, and it's designed better for dust and water resistance. Due to the depth, I'll have to move it from my hip belt to a shoulder strap, but I think it'll be better for some of my backcountry trips. I'll still use the Rezo, but I want something big enough that I can quickly park the camera/lens/EVF in a safe case when I'm in a nasty environment.

Yep, the Rezo TLZ 10's major weakness is lack of zipper option underneath the quick release buckle. So there is entry for dust and water. I chose it over a Tamrac that I compared it to because it was the smallest possible bag that held the epl1 and the canon FD 50mm. I knew at some point I would buy a slightly larger, better bag. And the TLZ 10 only costs $12 over at

The M-ROCK line looks nice! It seems to fulfill a few basic requirements:

1. Quick release buckle.

2. Zippers for sealing main compartment when not using the bag in "shooting mode" while secured only with the buckle.

3. Rain cover. Seems like this might be used more as a handy lens changing bag to prevent pollen/dust/sand from getting to the m4/3 sensor.

After comparing the bags in this price range at, it seems that the Lowepro and Tamrac products fulfill #1 and #2 while not providing #3: they are missing the Rain Cover. Then again, I'm sure that any number of water proof bags could be used, but it is nice to have one that is fit precisely to the size of the camera bag. Also, I wonder what kind of deluge you would need to soak through these nylon, water repellent bags?

None of the competitors in this price range offer the strapping (waste, shoulder and back pack) options that the M-ROCK does. Now I just need to figure which lenses and the epl1 will fit it in which model so I can get the smallest possible one.

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