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Gelbvieh wrote:

Thanks very much for all the suggestions. For now I think I'll just upgrade the longer lens. My 55-250mm is soft past about 100mm and this really shows if I need to crop in. Also at times it's slow to focus. While I can afford to upgrade I would like too and if I only get one lens I can afford around NZ$2000. So looking at the 70-200 f/4L IS USM and the 70-300 f/4.5/5.6L IS USM as I think the 100-400mm for now is too big for me.

So next question how do I test the lens in the shop to see if the 70-300mm is a good one or bad one?


glad you've come to a conclusion

for me, there isn't too much to test in a lens. as mentioned above, take your camera body and memory card to the shop and take a few photos to (1) make sure the autofocus is focusing smoothly and without fuss on appropriately detailed subjects. (2) IS is working as it should - if quiet enough you'll hear a slight whirling sound (3) no blemishes on the glass by taking a photo of the sky or a light coloured plain background. (or just look through the lens/glass towards a white and black background) (4) finally, just make sure zoom and manual focus rings are tight and smooth to adjust... The glass would be in good working order. As an addition, you could check back/forward focus issues but it is unlikely to be an issue for you here.

Really is all just common sense of things you'd do when purchasing any other thing. Hope I'm not missing anything critical

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