Hx9 owners, your honest response greatly appreciated.

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Re: Hx9 vs HX5 - getting another HX5 ?

Werbs wrote:

Another vote for the HX5V here. I bought the HX9V and sent it back. I have heard that some of the HX5V cameras were made in China rather than Japan. I have the Japan version, and I am very pleased with it. I do not like the user interface on the HX9V. To much hidden for me. I have 2 Sony DSLR'S and if I want to play with settings I will use them.


Love my HX5V compared to my TZ7 (GPS, HDR, Pano, Low-light, size, etc...) but unfortunately it's not working well anymore, zoom lever notably. It was made in China, odd that some would be made in China and others in Japan. Anyway I need to replace it and I was looking at the HX9 but it's bulkier andI have zero interest in 16Mp images and can live with an inferior LCD. The 3D would have been cool I guess...at $199 from Amazon (I think it had dropped to $185 at one point) the HX5V seems to be hard to beat. I'd tried the Canon with GPS, but the pictures were terribly bad.

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