preferred memory card setup for D7000

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Update - Re: Going to get flamed for this.... but...

I did some very unscientific testing today across the cards I mentioned below. No, this was not done in a lab. I was me holding the camera in one hand and stopwatch app on phone in the other. Let's assume 10-20% inaccuracy - even with that I believe the results are directionally correct and there were definite patterns.

I was shooting RAW and measured how much time to take 15 shots (so it would exceed the buffer) and then how much time it took to clear the buffer (write to the card). Ran it 2-3 times per card and averages below.

Transcend 16gb class 6: 14.2s/15 pics; 31.6/clear buffer
PNY Pro 8gb class 10: 14.4s/30.1s
Lexar Pro 133x: 13.2s/26.3s
Sandisk Extreme Pro 16gb: 5.9s/14.7s

Based on what I'm seeing, it really does seem that you get what you pay for. I was hoping for better results from the Lexar Pro based on the article below. For now, I'll keep the 2 Lexar Pro's in there for consistency, Nikon recommendation and overall value. I'll be returning the Sandisk to BestBuy b/c it's just too expensive right now. But once the price goes down on those bad boys, it seems like a no-brainer that there will be 2 sandisk extreme pros in my d7k (unless of course something cheaper and better comes out).

Take the results with a grain of salt due to the non-scientific nature, but seems to me that the Sandisks would be a requirement for anybody doing sports, BIF, etc where they're snapping fast and continuous.

cdubman wrote:

As an FYI, no judgement or bias...

I first bought a PNY Class 10 card that seemed ok. Recently bought one Lexar Pro and one Sandisk Extreme Pro.

They are noticeably faster in every regard than the PNY - buffer (way faster to clear out), transfer, etc. Haven't compared them against each other.

You can get 2 16gb Lexar Pro 133x for $70 total. That seems like the best value. The Extreme Pros are double that and not a great value compared to the Lexar.

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