Cant get a new password

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Re: Cant get a new password...

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

I've had this problem ever since I joined here (about 10 years ago I think) . . .

I've reported this many many times over the years to no avail . . .

So I just leave the password set at the default that they gave me.

They don't GIVE you one (a password..) Certainly I entered my own .. AND that is changeable as you wish.. although I don't think the NAME is..(changeable) .. or probably that would start a completely new set of posts for you..

Yes . . . they do!

When you first join they give you a temporary password for your first log on.

And if you have ever clicked on 'Forgot Password', they'll email you a new temporary password!

Like I said, I do know this because I have been stuck using their passwords ever since I joined here!

If I look at my profile, it says my password is what I made it to be myself.

But that password has never worked . . . only the one that DPR emailed me!

Matter of fact . . . their password is how I am logged in right now!

I have since memorized it and just quite trying to use my own password.

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J. D.

OK - I'll accept what you say here... but maybe it's changed , since it's a long time since I got in via my present setup... I'm sure I don't remember being GIVEN one.. but my memory right now is far from as crisp and clear as it was then !!

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