s95: how does it do with kids -and indoor photography?

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Re: s95: how does it do with kids -and indoor photography?

The lesson here is that if you want good jpeg, for some reason, spend as little as possible on a compact, because, for some reason, these cams can do that and ones that cost 4x the price can not.

I'm just waiting for the day that they figure out aps-c or 4/3 sensors in these compacts. Leica charges an arm and a leg for their POS X1, and the Sigma DP2 is a fraud, using a large Foveon sensor, but they lie about the MP. No zoom, either.

My guess is that Sony and Panasonic might be frontrunners with larger sensor compacts, but it wouldn't surprise me if Samsung gets in there.

Ricoh has barely made an impact because ther line isn't totally there yet. Bent on quirkiness and nothing else, plus ludicrously expensive for what you get- sealed units with dust inside.

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