Canon 1 D MK IV weather sealing

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Canon 1 D MK IV weather sealing

Being a French photographer, about three weeks ago I was in Thailand with my Canon 1 D MK IV to take pictures of the Songkran festival wich is the celebration of the Bouhdist new year.

During this festival everybody play with water and the purpose is to throw kindly water on people, nobody is aggressive and it is very funny.

Being confident with my six months old 1 D MK IV with his 76 O ring gaskets and the Canon advertising who says the following...

All the EOS-1D Mark IV’s controls, buttons and external covers are dust- and water-resistant, ensuring uninterrupted operation whether shooting in the rain, in a windstorm and everything in between.

I began to shoot taking care each time I received some light splash to blow gently with my mouth and wipe with a little towel, I was very confident because I never received big splash or water with pressure but after one hour my camera failed completely.

At this moment I thought I was not lucky and that my camera was a bad number with a defective O ring gasket and thought Canon France will repair it under Warranty

Five days later being back to Paris I gave my camera to Canon France repair service.

One day later I received an e-mail tailing me that the warranty was not applicable because of oxidation on circuits. and asking me 1350 Euros ( about 2000 $ ) for repair!!!!!!!!

Why ? sure some water went inside the camera but the problem is that it is not normal that water got inside….

How can I prove I did not took any risk with my camera ? I never received strong splash or strong pressured water, I did not immerse it just little water, less than any light rain….I am convinced that the 1 D MK IV is a good camera but that my camera has a leak at an O ring gasket

I am very disappointed about the durability of this camera and the attitude of Canon France.

If somebody here had a similar story with a 1 D MK IV, I will be very interested.
Sorry for my poor English.

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