FL-50R Questions

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The easy answer...always leave it ON!

MrStiles wrote:

Man, I'm still confused, so, if I have the flash on the shoe or I have a cable on the shoe then CLP should be OFF?.Thanks for your time.

When you tell the flash CLP OFF you are telling it that it's not in the camera's hotshoe, that it's off the camera either on a bracket or a stand; when it's not in the hotshoe the focus assist beam on the flash may not be aligned with the lens so CLP OFF causes the illuminator not to light.

HOWEVER, when the flash is on the subject anyways it doesn't hurt to have the illuminator light as it still aids in focusing...so I always leave the CLP setting ON, even though it may be off the camera!

Leaving CLP always ON eliminates the fuss with having to remember to switch it on when you need it.

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