$200 range P&S - SD4000 my best bet?

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Re: $200 range P&S - SD4000 my best bet?

Vexta wrote:


I've been looking for a new P&S and the options are overwhelming!

The features which are most important to me are:

Pocketable - the smaller, the better
Low light performance - especially for video
At least 720p Video - that will zoom and focus

I'm in love with my 7D and cart it around almost everywhere. My interest in the P&S is mainly to take short videos, and the occasional picture when the 7D has to stay home. So I'm not looking for something advanced like the G12 for example.

DPR's review of the SD4000 was pretty glowing, but it is a little older now and video is a more popular feature these days. I also found some pretty mixed opinions about it in the forums here.

Does anyone have any recommendations around the $200 range? I've tried a few of those blogger style HD Camcorders (Samsung, and Flip), but the video looked like awful indoors.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I picked the SD4000. My requirements were the same as yours. It's turned out to be really good and I haven't seen any other cameras for sale like it, let alone better than it. The S95 is the closest thing, but it pushes the price and size requirements too much for my taste.

A couple notes about the SD4000 that don't get mentioned much:

The controls are really good. The 4-way pad has functions even though they aren't labeled. I would prefer it if the function menu would remember your prior cursor position (white balance would take a few less clicks) but it's still quick to use.

There are some cool features that aren't immediately obvious, like exposure lock, focus lock, and after-the-fact i-Contrast. (i-Contrast doesn't always look so great, so I prefer to apply it after the shot, if needed.) The lock features, along with the aperture and shutter priority modes, are the next best thing to full manual control.

The continuous shooting is faster than most. About 4 times faster than the S95! This is actually a good low-light feature: Instead of taking a single potentially blurry shot you can take a bundle, then pick out the sharpest one later (this works surprisingly well). While reviewing photos you can flip between shots while zoomed in, making sharpness comparisons a breeze.

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