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Re: Lens Mount adapters

There is many Nikon to canon adapters out there available, some are just simple adapters provide no aperture control on G type lens, they simply allow you to physically fit a older style Nikon lenses with aperture control ring on it, so you just mount the lens and control aperture by turning the aperture ring, very simple operation.

And for the newer generation Nikon G-series lenses such as those 14-24G, 24-70G.... there is no aperture ring built in there so you have to get a more expensive adapter ring which allow you to change aperture by pushing a lever on the adapter to make change to aperture setting.

I shoot with both brand for 20+ years so I have tons of good Nikon lenses that I like to use on Canon bodies, I have 4 different Nikon to Canon adapter, some just simple adaper, few with AF confirmation chip, & a G-type adapter from Novoflex, no image degradation because there is no glass in between, works great, not to forget you won't be able to use P and Tv mode though, also stop-down-metering is needed, it might take a little time to get used to it, but after a while, it becomes very simple and quick operation.

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