Best "old" inexpensive Lenses?

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uhoh07 Senior Member • Posts: 1,580
Look up the weight.....

There are a bunch of SLR 35s and 28s out there around 2.8 or slower which will work.

So then the choice comes to special attributes, which might include exceptional sharpness, but slow; or very light weight.

The lighter the lens the more likely you will take it.

50 grams less is worth 20.00 more for sure--remember you will live with this lens.

The best value for lightness, speed, sharpness for under 60USD has to be the konica 40/1.8-- but that may be too long.

I suggest 28mm over 35 if you can't have both.

I'd look at Olympus, Pentax, nFD and even nikon. Also chinon, Kiron, Soligor, toyo. With google you'll find the weights.

Here's my favorite 28:

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