Error FEE Lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture

Started Apr 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
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stormmoma New Member • Posts: 22
Error FEE Lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture

Hey everyone.

I needed a zoom lens so found a lens on eBay that is a Tamron 80-210 mm.

I put it in my Nikon D3000, and get the error code "lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture (largest f/-number).

Well, I have it locked at 22 (I'm assuming when the little tab on the ring that adjusts that pops out and the ring can no longer move unless you press the tab in), and my camera still has the error.

It won't let me go into manual or aperture priority mode to change it. Just the error and won't allow me to do anything.

Is this possibly a bad lens, or am I not doing something right? I would assume being the seller advertised this as a Nikon lens, as well as the fact that the lens actually fit into the camera, that it was at least made for Nikon.

I mean, I got a steal on the lens ($31 after shipping) but if it's bad, obviously, I'm not for throwing $31 out the door.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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