Epson Photo 1400 from LR3 - at wits end.

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Re: Epson Photo 1400 from LR3 - at wits end.

In LR, set color management to " managed by printer " - I don't remember the details, but in the past there was a problem with the Epson driver that its color management could never be completely bypassed. Sorry I can't give you a better explanation, but I know there's something bad about the combination of Lightroom, Windows, and Epson printer drivers. Even if you try to manage colors only in LR, the Epson driver is still trying to do some color management.

Next, in the Epson driver choose "ICM" under the Color Management settings and choose " ProPhotoRGB " as the input profile (You might need to select "Show all profiles"). If your file comes from a RAW, then Lightroom/ACR works in the ProPhotoRGB color space.

Try the different Epson papers for the printer profile, obviously starting with the premium and ultra premium glossy. Hopefully one will work better than the others.

Also, even though the Epson driver will be managing colors, don't forget to set print sharpening in Lightroom.

It's definitely a color management issue, so hopefully this will get you a little closer.

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