If shooting at f/22, is a fast 1.8 lens still considered fast?

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Re: so here is nikons final answer

Thanks for getting this straight from Nikon. I was always told that faster glass benefits the Nijkon AF system. In fact, my own experience would seem to support this. But recently I've read a number of comments that this was not the case. One poster even referred to some kind of "baffles" that would damp the light down to f/5.6 even if the lens were capable of much wider apertures.

There are many things that affect AF performance. Fast glass IS one of them.

edwardaneal wrote:

As you know from my post above I followed up my first question to nikon with a very simple and staight forward second question as follows:

"so are you saying that a Nikon DSLR like the D300 can in fact focus more accurately in low light with a f/1.4 lens or an f/2.8 lens than it might be able to under the same conditions with an f/5.6 lens

Thanks again"

And this is his answer

"Discussion Thread
Response Via Email (David D.) 04/27/2011 10:45 PM


Sure, a fast lens lets more light in to the AF system which allows it to work more effectively and thus acquire and lock focus faster. Thanks


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so Nikon has now flat out stated that f/1.4 and f/2.8 lenses " let in more light into the af system which allows it to work more effectively and thus acquire and lock focus faster "

Personally I think this pretty much settles our debate

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