If shooting at f/22, is a fast 1.8 lens still considered fast?

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Excuse my humble remark gents

but I too think it is one of factors that plays the role, perhaps one of the most important ones. And I base it solely on my empirical experience shooting low light n low contrast scenes. My last and rather striking observation was made on Tokina 11-16/2.8 shot side by side the Sigma 8-16 on same body, same moment (d7000) which is very dark in over lapping range f5- 5.6. While Sigma’s behavior was an unpleasant find for me I was ready to accept. It’d mean I have to take adjusted measures shooting the lens in low contrast conditions which in uwa shooting is mostly possible. Not like it does not matter with the uwas as I hear sometimes (the precise focus). I had 4 copies and there were all the same in this respect. Tokina is just a joy in use in comparison, reliable. - AF &LV alike.

I now say something less technical: I just felt in my gut it is because of the light the Tokina was visibly working with.


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