A trip to Naples, Italy with Fujinon 25mm 1.4

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A trip to Naples, Italy with Fujinon 25mm 1.4

I just returned from a interrail trip to Italy, i among other places spend about a week and a half in Naples. I Completly feel for the city, it is unique in every way possible i would highly recommend anyone, looking for a true Italian experience, to go there, also from a photographic view, every moment in this city seems unique and the city is very photogenic.

With me i brought along my Olympus pen e-p1 with my newly bought Fujinon 25mm f/1.4 lens, i also brought along the 17mm olympus but really the i found the Fujinon to be very superior in everyway ( maybe except the slight vignetting, which i dont mind and the lack of AF, which i do not use) and i more or less took all of the 900 photos ( which is what i got after sorting them for the second time) with the legacy lens.

Since i took so many photos the following, are just a few samples from the trip, i am sure i could have made much better picks, but did not wanna wait several of weeks with the post.

All photos are unedited, straight from the camera, i hope you enjoy

One of my first shots in Naples, this is what meets you when you leave the main train station. It took me a few days before i could totally relax in this beautiful chaos

In Naples football at every piazza, a good example of how big the passion for football are is that the legendary football player Diego Maradona is a official saint in Naples.

Love and passion is visible allover the city, Naples is also a city of great romance.

Graffiti like trash is everywhere, even here on this very central and big piazza.

A similar photo to this could have been taken many places in Naples, Narrow streets, drycleaning hanging outside. I love it.

It took me a week before i finally visited the harbor of Naples, i am sure glad i did.

I find this photo very symbolic of Naples, trash and football united. shoot at 1.4 wideopen, i like the effect it gave.

Some friends at the ruins of Herculaneum, the smaller but better kept littlebrother to Pompeii. Herculaneum like Pompeii was covered in the ashes from the Vulcano Vesuvio 79 AC

In Naples Roses can both be a sign of Love and death, photo taken on my way to the beautifull "Capo di Monte"

Naples did not suffer from the same over flood of tourists as many other Italian cities, this was a rare encounter. I says everything that i had time to take a photo of my friend taking the other tourists group photo.

A bit shaky and so on, But one can not talk about Naples without talking about the quality of the food in general, it is unbelievable

Naples playing home (Football), and this is just a random bar.

Street musicians is found many places in Naples, these guys where actually very good.

I think this photo is very saying of Naples, Perfect manikin dolls, but cracks in the glasses of the storewindow, in Naples nothing is unspoiled. Shoot at 1.4 and mistakenly at iso 100, this setting ruined about 200 shots for me

Again suffering from iso 100, but still i like this night shoot, scooter/food and trash.

Clean Vespas, deep into the narrow streets of a residential neighborhood, In Naples scooters are the way to get around.

Suffering from iso 100 which i am really sad about, still i really love this photo, maybe my favorite shot of the whole trip. I followed this parade celebrating some saint, it ended up being loud music and dancing in the streets for maybe 2 hours. These parades happen every other day in Naples, and i must say they are a must see and really among other things help the city stand out!

I hope you enjoyed taking a little trip with me to the streets of the unique city of Naples!

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