Confession of a cameraholic

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Re: Confession of a cameraholic

2005magnum wrote:

Last night my wife was watching CSI Miami. All the CSI shows seem to include Nikon cameras. However, for the very first time I saw a D3 (not sure which variation). The woman holding the Nikon was a very beautiful brunette, but I could not take my eyes off the camera. I cannot talk to my wife about photography and cameras. She likes photos but doesn't get the passion.

The only pro level Nikon that fits into my retired budget would be a D2X. I know that from a tech and image stand point, it just does not make sense, but I just crave that big old body. I have a D7000 and love the camera and IQ, but something compels me to buy that big old camera rather then continue to save my shekels for the future release of the D400.

My obsession is image quality at the edges of the possible—a photographer rather than a cameraholic.

No NAS whatever. The D700 is the sixth digital camera, since beginning the transition from film. It is the first camera that exhibits none of the adolescence of manufacturers learning to make digital cameras. I don't give a flying cr*p about its successor. The images it gives me are way beyond 35mm at a given ISO and well into medium format territory. The previous upgrades were totally justified. Camera makers were learning to make digital cameras, and the gap between generations were dramatic. It made total sense to continue to stay current.

The only D700 faults that I have been able to uncover are that it is large and heavy, requires lenses to match, is loud and attracts a whole lot of attention. That is part of the SLR style—I live with it. Fuji is now shipping its first wave of post-quake X100 cameras. I was fortunate enough to get one of the initial—pre-quake—shipment and it is the perfect partner to my D700. Light and inconspicuous, but capable of D300 image quality. The D700 will do the heavy lifting when shoots are scheduled, and the X100 will be with me when I have no idea what I might photograph. No one could ask for more.

I am now totally devoid of any camera acquisition lust.

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