HS20 going back .... (auto focus)

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Re: HS20 going back .... (auto focus)

Danielepaolo wrote:

It is difficult to know if what Joms is saying is your problem unless we know how far away you were from the object. What he is trying to say is that the macro mode can help you focus when you get to close, ie: inside the minimum focus distance of the camera at 720mm. I don't know what the minimum distance you have to be when you are at 720mm (check the manual) however that minimum distance will be closer in macro mode and closer again in supemacro. If you are having trouble focussing because you are too close then changing to macro will help.

Fast moving objects, particularly erratic in their direction, are difficult with the superzoom cameras - not just the HS series of cameras from Fuji. This is likely your problem. The best way is to prefocus and wait for entry in to your focus area. Also, focussing requires contrast, if everything is the same colour (brown beaver, brown trees, brown dirt and poor light) then focussing will be slow with most cameras/lenses.

If you are often chasing fast moving, erratic animals like birds then superzooms are not the way to go or learn techniques that allow you to prefocus.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

Superzooms can do fairy well. s100fs will focus very nicely in good light even on 2x digital at full zoom. I have shot lots of sports action with it using the continuous shooting at 1 fps. You can get lots of well focused action shots that way. I couldn't seem to get anywhere with the HS10 and tried with the HS20 in a store and nothing focused during our continuous shooting there. May have just been a setting problem but neither the salesperson nor myself could resolve it. I can't see macro working unless you are shooting birds or squirrels etc, within the macro range, which I suspect is within 20 feet or less.

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