NEX instead of a Bridge Camera?

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Re: NEX instead of a Bridge Camera?

Hm, my idea of a bridge camera is a Panasonic FZ or a Canon SX. They're not compact at all, but does offer a huge range (FZ100 gives you 600mm!).

Anyway, having used both, I can say that you should definitely get an EVIL instead, a NEX all the better ;P Part of the fun is buying and trying new lenses. You can't do that with a bridge camera.

If you want a really compact camera that delivers great IQ, then go for a more prosumer compact like the Panasonic LX5. Terrific IQ!

Einmalumdiewelt wrote:

I was asked for a recommendation on a bridge camera.

I am not up to date with this. Maybe you have an idea what's a good one currently.

But actually I was thinking if it makes sense to recommend a NEX with the 18-55 instead?

I mean what are the differences here except maybe price?

A bridge camera is usually compactish, has wide-angel to tele, shoots full automatic and has good IQ.

Our NEX does all these things quite well, right? Without being complicated to handle?

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