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Re: telephoto attatchments

jazzroy1972 wrote:

he didn't talk about the VG10 and also stated he hasn't the 18-200, so obviously he's talking about the 16 or 18-55 with 49mm filter size.

so your option is ok, but don't expect great quality images.

I have a 2X tele converter and I've never used it, simply because the lenses inside it give so much chromatic aberration and softness that it's much worse than resizing a shot without it.

So, mine is useless, don't know others.

Except the link he gave is for:

"Professional Sony NEX-VG10 0.40X Wide Angle Fisheye / Macro Lens & 3.5X Telephoto Lens Package This Kit Includes 0.40X Wide Angle Fisheye Lens + 3.5x Telephoto Lens + Cleaning Cloth + More"

So, while he was talking about 16 or 18-55 the product won't fit either of those lenses. But I just searched amazon and this one might:

But the important thing is as you say, the optical quality is likely to be low. Especially for the asking price.

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