Why do "I" need/want a 50mm lens.

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Re: if "you" don't know then "you" don't need it.

MajorNikon wrote:

trickness wrote:

Far be it from me to deprive you of the joy you seem to derive from hopping into threads and lecturing people, but:

No lectures here, just pointing out how amusingly irrelevant your statement was in a one sentence reply that went way over your head.

The guy asked about a 50mm, someone said it was a boring focal length, I replied that Cartier Bresson used a 50mm.

Please. The two people up from your amusing post both said the 50mm was redundant in the OP's instance. Neither said it was "boring". If you can't be on-topic you should at least try to be honest.

Your rebuttal to my simple, one sentence post baffles me but it is interesting I guess, although frankly less so than what a packmule leaves behind on the ground. I find myself incapable of further defending either HCB or the 50mm focal length before your withering barrage; you are of course right. Please send me the bill for your dry cleaning and accept my sincere apology for having offended you so.

You seem to be the only one offended here. You amuse me and I thank you for it.

Have a nice day.

1) Read the whole thread, someone in fact does call the 50mm a "boring focal length", and other people in this thread replied to that statement as well.

2) One could spend a lifetime using selective context to correct other people in internet forum threads, time frankly better spent shooting pictures

3) To further point #3, LOVE your gallery series of brick wall closeups. Oh, and the bunny too.

4) You're welcome!

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