Best "old" inexpensive Lenses?

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Re: Best "old" inexpensive Lenses?

The Chinon lenses are decent, not amazing quality but well worth the money, for example:

They didn't actually make lenses themselves but are re-branded Tomioka which were mostly sold in Dixons.

The Carl Zeiss Jenna Tessar vary but are very cheap. The 50mm seems to be by far the most common, just do a search on dpreview as there have been loads of posts on it. Here's one on a m4/3:

Otherwise, Praktica, Jupiter/Industar are all decent but again it varies lens to lens. I've had a lot of fun with a 90mm Schacht Ulm Travenar but they seem to be really rare. Super Takumar or SMC Takumar are also decent choices.

Have been loads of threads on them and a dozen other brands so just search by make and you should find examples. Basically for the price you can't really go wrong with many of these lens.

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