7D: Flashing Autofocus point

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Re: 7D: Flashing Autofocus point

Say that you have the center point selected normally, but you have also registered a point high up in the viewfinder. You normally focus by half-pressing the trigger button, but have set AF-ON to focus with the registered point.

You are now taking a few pictures of things in general, focusing with the trigger button. Now suddenly you want a photo of a person, and you want to focus on her face. So focus with AF-ON, which selects the AF point that's higher up, thus on her face, keep AF-ON pressed and take the picture. As long as you keep AF-ON pressed, the camera will not redo the focusing when you press the trigger button.

Or say you are shooting racing, with cars going into and out of a hairpin.

Under such circumstances, you probably want to use back button focusing all the time, in conjunction with Servo AF. So set AF-ON to focus with the selected point and * with the reigstered one. Remove focusing from trigger half-press.

Now select a point a bit to the left in the viewfinder and register one a bit to the right. Thus you can follow the cars into the hairpin with AF-ON pressed and switch to * when they go out again. Quick change between AF points that allows you to focus properly on the car, and still having it going into the image, not out of it, regardless of which direction it moves.

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