1000 photos ruined

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Re: 1000 photos ruined

tundracamper wrote:

Alnitak wrote:

tundracamper wrote:

If you were in a focus priority mode, the shutter would not release if the lens was not in focus - so the switch position has this failsafe.

Never had an issue with the shutter that you mention on any of the bodies and the 70-200, including D100, D200 and D300s.

It's not an issue, it's a feature. If the lens is not in focus in AF-S mode, the shutter will not release if the image is not in focus. It's that simple. So, if one were to try to focus on an object closer than the limit switch would allow, the shutter would not release as the focus sensor would not detect focus. If one is in AF-C mode and/or release priority, then the camera will take an image even if the image is not in focus. In that case, the limiter setting could be an issue.

I understand the focus priority feature...use it myself sometimes. But I guess I didn't see how the limiter on the 70-200 could even interact with that feature if the subject was 5m+ away?

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