5D 12mp = @ 24mp on 1.6 crop sensored cameras

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5D 12mp = @ 24mp on 1.6 crop sensored cameras

I have been looking into purchasing another FF body. I'm considering the 5D because it's a small and lighter body than the 1Ds series. I was also looking at the older Kodak's like SLR/n which is also around 12mp (13mp) and no anti alieas filter.

So, then as far as printing you need to enlarge an image off the sensor from the 5D or 1DsMkII that I own only half as much for the same size print from a 1.6 crop camera. Hence my subject reference to 5D 12mp = approx. 24mp on 1.6 crop sensors.

In other words since the FF sensor is twice as large as the 1.6 crop sensor you can think of it as that the output needs to enlarged only half as much for the same size print.

I'm writing this because recently I have read that "the 5D is only 12mp and the newer 1.6 crop sensored cameras are better for croping". I do not agree. But I'm guessing that a lot of people on the 50D/60D/7D forums are not aware of the 5D and all FF bodies image output being enlarged only half as much as the 1.6 crop sensors for any given print size. So they think the 18mp 1.6 is superior in regarding to making large prints.

Following this, the 16mp 1DsMkII that I own is similar to a future 32mp 1.6 crop sensored camera as far as printing and dpi densities.

I'm not talking about the advances made in noise levels that have been made in the new cameras. I'm aware that this mitagates the differences to an extent at higher ISO's. But at ISO 100 and 200 I do not think the modern cameras gane anything on the 5D and 1DsMkII.

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