7D: Flashing Autofocus point

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Re: 7D: Flashing Autofocus point

Thanks - that was exactly the answer I was looking for. The page is now bookmarked! I guess I inadvertently hit the AF selection point button and the backlight button to register a point. Now that I know how to register, and more importantly de-register, a point I am not clear how to use it.

I can see on high speed sports, birding or aerobatic photography it may be useful though. Not something I do a lot of. Now I can register a point, if I set up the AF-on button to switch to a registered point, when I hit that button, the box showing which focus point is selected moves to that registered point and then when I release my finger from the button, jumps back. Is that the way it is supposed to work? You hold down the AF-On (Or whatever button you have assigned to select the registered focus point) and simultaneously push the shutter release to use it?

Thanks for the help. I have not seen a lot written about this great feature.


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