7D: Flashing Autofocus point

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Re: 7D: Flashing Autofocus point

It's explained on page 219 of the manual.

Personally i always have a point registered though, and then set to the af-on button to instantly use. My normal AF is set to the * button.

That way i can intantly engage AF in 2 areas of the viewfinder just by moving my thumb to the neighbouring button.

Paul West wrote:

OK so I was setting up some custom modes and now when I hit the autofocus point selection button I have one autofocus point that is flashing in the manual focus point selection modes.

For example if I push the Autofucus Point Selection/Magnify button, I can move the focus point around, but all the time one of the focus points is flashing.

I suspect that I have 'registered' that point somehow, but cannot see how to 'de-register' it. Yes I did look it up in the manual, but it wasn't too helpful.

Any ideas?



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