Windows XP Pro vs. Windows 7

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Some lessons in composition....

Eugene Powers wrote:

A physicist is a scientist who studies or practices physics.
Computer programming is not one of them.

Computer science and programming is taught in, and is an essential tool in almost any scientific/engineering discipline - especially Physics.

How do you know that all those computers at your former work performed well? Did you yourself work in IT department?

When you spend nearly a quarter of a century working for a company, you get to know people, and things, very well indeed.

So all your arguments based on hearsay?

Why would anything such hearsay?

Have you ever worked in any large organisation - it's evident you haven't the slightest experience of doing so.

You are quiet ridiculous - there is no such thing as "British Physicist list" .

There are more than than one actually.

If you Google, you'll find a list of anything.

There is no such thing as a list of all British persons with a Physics qualifications.

I would know - I'm British - I've got a Physics qualification.

If you are so sure there is such a list - please, do post us a link to it.

Actually DPR is a great tool to learn and educate.

Yes, I would agree, up to a point...

It can be very good for beginners, and some way beyond - but believe it or not, you can very rapidly get to the point where there is very little left to be gleaned, or gained.

I made my own flash diffuser just recently because of the DPR for example.

Woweee - that's a game changer (for you) I'm sure.

As you can see there are not only birds, flowers and the bees in the gallery.

Yes, I didn't want to mention your 'record' portrait shots.

You might even know some of them.

Sorry - not a single one I'm afraid (honestly & seriously)

The following two are very badly framed, like an beginner - why have you framed/cropped them in landscape, with the face dead centre?

These next two are better - but again, why frame/crop portraits in landscape orientation?

This last one is much better...

So just maybe someone might learn a little something on the DPR forum today after all(?)

.....And BTW for a Physicist like you claim you are you should have known what Phase Change is.

You didn't actually ask.

Yes, I actually asked. You just did not answer.

No you did not - you showed your PC casing, and then said " See if HP engineers or you can even figure out what this even is?"

Then you announced it had 'Phase Change Cooling' - and did not invite any further question.

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