What is so excited about this hybrid viewfinder?

Started Apr 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
uwbrother Regular Member • Posts: 467

mrjam wrote:

Jeff Charles wrote:

I'd guess that most people want the X100 for the OVF, but the OVF is not good for some types of photography, such as macro. The EVF extends the capability of the camera.

I'd agree with that -- I just don't do Macro stuff, so I have no need for that. By making it a hybrid viewfinder, it allows the camera to be a lot more flexible with the photographer's needs.

Not sure if you have the camera or not but EVF is very, very good. Sometimes I forget I am in EVF and keep using it until I realize it, that good. It's not perfect, and that's why hybrid is awesome. You get both, no need to pick one.

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